Can Keloid Scars Go Away On Their Own?

Can keloid scars go away on their own? Some people who have Keloids on their injured skin may ask about it. They probably get fed up with annoying scars. They wonder if their skin may be free from such annoying scars. In fact, Most of the Keloid scars would stay permanently unless we make some efforts to have them removed. Keloid is a kind of abnormal tissues that mostly occur on people who have dark complexion. They often occur as a result of surgical treatments, piercings on other parts of body and burns. Keloid can be easily identified through its larger appearance rather than the original wound. The scars look bigger than the injured area. Although the injury ends up the recovery process, Keloid may progress and enlarge its form.

Knowing that we could have potential to suffer Keloids is something good at start. It prevents us to have some piercings and tattoos. If the keloids can’t be avoided, the only thing to do while the Keloid is forming is by keeping off the sun exposure. Avoiding the sun exposure could prevent the dark colour of scars. Thus, it will be less visible.

The quickest way to reduce scars is by taking surgical option. But it also raises another problem. Once the procedure is done to remove the scars, it also raises another new scar. Thus, it would be more effective in taking a combination of non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment.

The selected treatment that could come along with the surgical treatment is steroid injection. It is the most used technique to prevent Keloids. The steroid is injected on the injured area. Putting pressure on the keloid itself is trusted way to remove keloid. it can be done by putting compression bandage. It hinders the occurrence of Keloid and lets the skin smoother. This non-surgical treatment is commonly used for reducing anxiety about Keloids.

Silicone gel is also another option that we could take if we avoid surgical option. This is helpful to reduce the occurrence of silicones. The layer containing silicone gel is applied on the injured skin. To get the desired result, it is best to keep it as routine treatment. Another way goes to skin cream. Some people prefer this technique because it is quite easy and suitable for kind of busy people. The creams could fade the dark colour of scars and make them less visible.

Can keloid scars go away on their own? Nope, it will not fade away unless we consider some conventional and modern treatments for scar removal. Laser scar removal treatment is an optional way to get rid of scars. It could remove any scars that stay permanently on skin. As a result, the scars turn invisible and vanished. The laser treatment requires high-end technology which is quite safe and not invasive toward human health. Before taking the first step of treatment, the practitioner will provide clear explanation about all steps that we should undergo until finish stage. It is necessary to make us comfortable during the treatment.

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