Let your son’s feet breathe with Boys Sandals this summer!

In the hot summer months childrens feet can really suffer unless they are properly looked after.

Making sure feet are kept cool and aireated is extremely important so they don’t develop fungle and other such infections and conditions.

It is strongly advised that you try and ensure that shoes and socks are taken off as much as possible. Letting your children run around barefoot is not a problem as long as feet are cleaned afterwards and dirt isn’t taken from the outside to inside the house. Exposure to the open air is not only important to keep the feet cool and aireated it is also important so that feet can develop in a natural way without the restrictions of shoes. So this summer make sure you let your children play around in the garden, on the beach, or in your home without the restrictions of footwear. They will love it and it will help there foot cartillage and bones to develop naturally.

Another great way to help keep feet cool and aireated is to purchase boys sandals. Well fitted sandals are a great way to let your sons feet breath. Your young boy will really appreciate the freedom they will give him, and you will not have to stress out if he happens to decide to jump in a puddle or rock pool. Sandals are extremely easy to clean and are generally extremely durable when exposed to even the highest levels of use.

Generally speaking sandals are often a lot cheaper than  school shoes and canvas shoes and therefore not too much of your summer budget need be spent on ensuring your child has the right footwear. Buying sandals online is always going to be the cheaper option. Make sure you have a good search and check out all of the leading manufacturers and online retailers. One really great company selling a top quality range of boys sandals is Start-rite (startriteshoes.com). This company is at the middle of the price range but really delivers quality footwear that stands a cut above the competition. With a range of different colours, designs and styles this is really a great place to start your search. Specialising in children’s footwear and foot care more generally Start-rite are a real resource for all foot related information.

A lack of confidence online is definitely something that stops people buying childrens shoes and foot wear for their children. Start-rite have a downloadable child shoe size chart which gets over this problem buying providing a solution that is tailored to their sizing. This is a great way to get over the problem.

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