The Tall Girls & their Oscars Fashion Failures.


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…. We thought that the Oscars, held last night in Hollywood, should provide some excellent guidance to tall girls and women all over the world on evening dress: what to wear and how to wear it. How wrong we were….

The two tallest actresses present (both at 5ft 10.5), Tilda Swinton and Nicole Kidman, both have enviable figures to go with that supermodel-esque height. Did they make the most of it? Hell, No!

Tilda Swinton looked like a ghost - and not in an ethereal, dreamy way. Her skin seemed to actually match her nude-grey blouse from Lanvin. The black skirt had an interesting cut but seemed to hang off the slender Ms Swinton like a potato sack. In fact, her outfit did absolutely nothing for her figure. The slick of bright red lipstick didn’t even liven-up this look, it may even have made the blandness more obvious?

At least Nicole Kidman didn’t manage as many disasters in one outfit. Although, do you find this gown at all inspiring? The epitome of glamour, it most definitely is not. I think the colour is all wrong for Ms Kidman. You’d have thought designer L’Wren Scott might have given the girl a slightly different shade of nude so that she too didn’t seem to merge skin with dress from afar. I also have to say “Nicole! What are those RIDICULOUS feathers doing all over the place?”. It looks like she’s a modern take on cobweb-covered Miss Haversham!

If you’re looking for inspiration for evening or prom wear this year, then look somewhere else. Don’t look to the Oscar’s. Try the Golden Globes or even the BAFTA’s. This years 81st Academy Awards were definitely too tall an order for either of our statuesque girls to pull off, it seems.

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