Short Women to be Fined for Dating Tall Men


…if only!!

Firstly apologies to all those tall girls who thought all their Christmases had come at once reading that title. If I were Prime Minister, it’d be the first law I’d pass.

Now, I know I’m not the only tall woman to think there is a problem… What’s the deal with you half-grown, fairy-sized women taking all the big boys??   Why do you see so many tall men (I’m classifying this as 6ft3 and over for my purposes) dating short women?

Today I saw the latest pictures of Christina Ricci with her comedian fiance, Owen Benjamin, who, at 6ft6, saying he towers over her is a tad of an understatement.  Obviously, they are madly in love and well done them for finding each other in this cynical, transient world. However, it does also leave me furiously wracking my brains wondering why so often the phenomenon of massive–him/mini-her.

If you see almost any picture of a US NBA star with their wife (such as Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant, pictured here), they always seem to tower metres above.  Even our English rugby stars are the same – just take a look at Simon Shaw!

As a tall woman you notice the same everyday in the street. Why is this? What is it that makes many very tall men date women so much shorter than themselves?  Aidan and Carrie – yes, it may be TV fiction but it’s everyday reality for us amazonian girls.

Do petite women somehow make men feel more masculine?

Is is that us tall girls emasculate men? Or Intimidate them? If you’re a tall woman you will be told on an almost daily basis that you are ‘scary’ or ‘intimidating’ by some (usually male) stranger.  Quite why people feel this way, and also feel bold enough to tell me, confounds me.  Surely a very tall man is not intimidated by a tall woman? It’s not as though we are taller than them! (Generally!)

Well,  if this is the reason then you tall girls have to be thankful that you are not stuck with these way too metro-sexual, insecure boys. Quite frankly, any man who feels less masculine in my presence can remove himself from the vicinity and take some therapy.  I like my men to be secure in their themselves and their masculinity.

Maybe it’s simply that smaller women are easier to throw around the bedroom?

At 6ft2, I admit that there are not many men who have managed to throw me around the room in a moment of passion (some, but not many ) and considering I have often dated professional sportsmen, that’s saying something. However,  one of my male friends (6ft3) is adamant that tall men and very short women do not, ergonomically.. er… work either.

Is it some kind of subconcious, genetic correction in the mind of these short women that makes them pursue tall men?

Perhaps some short women, either conciously or subconciously, actively seek out and pursue these hero-sized men in a basic biological attempt to ‘improve’ their offspring ? (What man really resists when it comes to a woman being single-minded enough to get them?) With tall people being perceived as more successful, intelligent and earning more than their shorter colleagues, wouldn’t you want to increase your children’s potential by marrying up?

On this point, I think a strong factor could be the determination of many a shorter-than-average woman. Many girls I meet who are more ‘shortie’ than ‘supermodel’ in their proportions are polished in the skills used to get what they want in many areas of life. Therefore maybe they are just using their feminine whiles to get those big boys.

Or could it be that tall women draw attention away from tall men?

Personally, this would be the reason I probably agree with most. Think about it. If you’re a very tall man or woman, then everywhere you go you attract attention. People are drawn to look at you. Now, if you have a very tall man and very tall woman together, I reckon the very tall woman would gain more attention since it is further from the ‘norm’.  Therefore, if a tall man dates a tall woman, he has to relinquish some of the attention that he is used to getting.

Whatever the reason, I wish some politician would pass a law stopping these altitudious, alpha men being snapped up by all those diminutive divas. Otherwise I’m going to have to admit defeat, marry a short man and have wedding photo’s that will look just plain ridiculous!

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