History of Socks

Socks, or some form of them, have been around for a long time.  The Greeks, Romans and even the Egyptians wore something around their legs and feet that was similar to what we would call socks.  Back then, they wrapped fabric around their feet and legs and held it on with straps that wrapped around the calves.  As time progressed, they changed and we made of different fabrics.

Today, we have nylon and wool and cashmere made into socks of all colors and thicknesses.  Knee socks are worn everyday by many people and most sport players.  They come in many lengths starting with anklets and toe socks.  Then there are midcalf, knee high and over the knee.

Going higher they become thigh-high socks or stockings and sexy knee socks are worn by many women.   Leg warmers are a form of leg wear and go well with boots.   The colors can be bright and florescent or neon and they can have strips, designs, patterns and pictures.  You can find socks for every holiday under the sun and wearing them will make your feet happy, and you too.  The are always comfortable and will protect you from the elements.  With the endless varieties that are offered now, you will want more than just a few pairs and you will wear them all the time.

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