When Should I Start to Take Choleslo?

Cholesterol is also known as the silent killer. Why? Most of people that has cholesterol problem didn’t realize until they get many health problem, because of their high cholesterol level. Fortunately, there is great solution for this problem. The solution is choleslo. So, when should you take this product? The easiest way is after you find out that you have sign for high cholesterol problem. How can we find it?

Cholesterol Test

Find out that you have high cholesterol or not is easy. You just need to take cholesterol test. After that, you can start your choleslo cycle. There are many things that you can find using cholesterol test. But, the most important thing that you are looking for would be your LDL level. LDL can be said as bad cholesterol, if its level is very high inside your blood. Once you find it, you can start to get choleslo.

Feel the Symptoms

You also can start using choleslo once you feel that there are some sign that you feel in your body. Unfortunately, the sign that you can use to know that you have high cholesterol can only happen when the cholesterol level inside your body is really high. Although it still can be cured with choleslo, this is definitely the dangerous sign that you must aware. Some sign, like pain in your chest, you feel dizzy suddenly and frequently, fatigue and many more, can be found on people with high cholesterol. Those sign also can show that you have some health problem that caused by the high cholesterol level, such as heart disease and stroke. So, you must use choleslo immediately.

How We Use It?

After you use two methods above to find if you have high cholesterol, now you can use choleslo. For first timer you can start to use low dosage, which is 1 pill a day. The first cycle is 1 week. The schedule will be taking 1 pill a day from Monday to Friday. And, on the weekend, you can take a break and doesn’t take this pill. Then, the next week, you can add the dosage into 2 pills a day. However, before you increase your dosage, you need to make sure, that you don’t get any side effect. Of course, you also need to consult with your doctor before you take choleslo. Basically, if you use this product, make sure you know all the condition that mentioned above.

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