The Miniskirt

Skirts are an item of clothing usually but not always associated with women. The item consists of material that usually starts at the waist and covers some or all of the legs. How much of the legs is covered at any given period of history often says a lot about that period. It is no coincidence that the famous miniskirt first became a fashion item during the so called swinging 1960s. Prior to this the mini was only seen in a sporting context such as on the tennis court.

In 1965 Mary Quant designed and launched the first miniskirt. She took the name from the mini car, another British iconic 1960s design. She sold it form her own clothes shop in Chelsea. London. The mini really took off when Jean Shrimpton wore one to Derby Day during the Melborne Cup Carnival in Australia. She claimed that the skirt was short due to the maker, Colin Rolfe, running out of material. The irony was, that polite society appeared to be more outraged by the model’s lack of gloves and a hat than they were by the lack of material in her skirt.

Since the 1960s the miniskirt has been incorporated into just about every street fashion scene at some level.

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