Tips in Choosing Baby Toys

Most parents get too excited to buy their baby’s toys that they end up missing important considerations. Since baby’s health and safety are very delicate, it is necessary to ensure that we buy toys that are not harmful to the baby. Toys for babies should be evaluated not merely on appearance, sound or colors. Toys should be fitting for the developmental level of the baby. Infants and babies have different toys. Children’s toys also fall under another category. If you have a kid below 3 years old, do not buy toys with small parts. Your kid may end up swallowing those small parts. Make sure the parts of the toy you buy are bigger than the mouth of your kid. Toys with strings or cords are also discouraged because of the possibility of strangulation. Avoid magnets because they often end up swallowed by little children. It is advisable to buy toys that mix physical and educational development. Of course, make sure that the toy is in good condition. Avoid toys that are breakable. You may end up replacing that toy too soon because babies and little kids are naturally clumsy. Check the buttons, batteries, eyes or other salient parts of the toy. If chosen properly, toys such as Sophie, The Giraffe baby toy can even aid in strengthening the parent-child relationship.

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