Celebrity Tongue Piercings

Throughout the years numerous celebs have gone and had their tongue pierced. This is mostly popular with musicians and rockers – however a few actresses have decided to get theirs pierced too. Read on to find out who has it done!
Mel B from the spice girls loves her tongue piercing and it definitely suits her loud personality and personal style. Pop-star pink also has hers pierced, which can be clearly seen in her music videos. It looks equally as good on men, Keith Flint from the Prodigy has his tongue pierced (along with multiple other things) and it adds to his crazy rock-star look.

Drew Barrymore recently cause a stir as she went and got her tongue pierced. She said it was because she didn’t have a boyfriend! You are never to old to sport a tongue piercing.

Most celebrities like to wear plain body jewellery in their tongue – mostly plain silver tongue bars. Some of the girls wear diamond or precious stone embedded bars if they want to add a bit of sparkle but they always keep it small and simple. Tongue rings are another option, but they are much more likely to get caught on something – so if you do want to wear one it is recommended for a limited time only!

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